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A Brief History of the Miniature Needlework Society

Bird image adapted by Sue Bakker from a William Morris design, for the first  Bird Project (also used subsequently for 20th Anniversary project)


Early committee members at Miniatura,

(Left to right: Teresa Norton, Rhoda Adamson, Pat Wootten, Ann Ford and Carolyn Postgate)

The Committee at Miniatura , October 2021, at Stoneleigh

(Left to right: Rosemary Jeynes, Carolyn Postgate, Teresa Norton, Pat Wootten and Alicia Sledge)

Oct 2021 at Miniatura_edited.jpg

The current Committee at Miniatura at the NAEC, Stoneleigh.

(Left to right: Tara Sunman, Alison Sunman, Carolyn Postgate and Alicia Sledge)

and EXHBITIONS that the
MNS has held over the course of its history
1998 - 'Bird Project'
1999 - (3 different classes for entries)
             Crewelwork - cot or bed cover
             Patchwork - quilt
             Bobbin lace - cushion
2000 - (5 different classes for entries)
             Embroidery for a small piece of
             Embroidery for a soft furnishing 
             An item for the 21st Century
2001 - 'Sew Small Sew Perfect' Exhibition
2002 - Cushions
2004 - 'Myths and Legends'
2006   1/12th Bag
2007 - 'Winter Warmers' Project
2008 - 1/12th scale piece to celebrate 50th 
                                                Miniatura show.
2010 - 1/12th scale Bedcovers
2011 - 1/24th scale Bedcovers/quilts
2012 - 'A Present for the New Baby'
2014 -  Wallhangings
2016 - 'Sew Small' Exhibition
2016 - Table Covers
2017 -  '20th Anniversary Bird Project'
2018 - 'Traditional Nursery Rhymes'
2020 - 'Trees'
2022/3 - 'Jubilee/Anniversary'
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