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On this page you will see a number of galleries which relate to competitions or exhibitions which have been held by the Miniature Needlework Society over the last few years.  Each gallery shows items of work by members along with some details about each piece. You can either click on the links below or use the drop down menu above to see each gallery page. (Our competitions are generously sponsored by Miniatura and we would like to express our thanks to Andy Hopwood for all the support he gives to the Miniature Needlework Society.)

"Anniversary/Jubilee" Competition - 2022

Although fewer entries were received for this competition, the standard was still very high and the range of techniques was still varied.

"Nursery Rhymes" Competition - 2018

There was a varied range of nursery rhyme characters to be depicted in these competition enttries. Can you identiry them without looking at the captions?

"Trees" Competition - 2020

You can see a wide variety of styles and techniques used to create the entries for this competition.

20th Anniversary Birds Project- 2017

This project was a celebration for the 20th Anniversary of the Miniature Needlework Society. It was based on the same design that was used for the original Challenge back in 1997/98.

"Sew Small" Exhibition - 2016

This exhibition was held at The Forge Mill Needle Museum, Redditch and displayed a large range of miniature needkework pieces in a variety of techniques.

Table Covers Competition - 2016

A wonderful collection of tab;e covers using tecniques at diverse as crochet, patchwork, bobbin lace, Assisi work and needlepoint.

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